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Choose the sex of your baby in pregnancy

Selection of male boy Medicines for conceiving a male baby boy are available with us which are given in the 2-3 month of conception when sex determination sets in. These medicines favour the environment of the andosperm to meet the waiting egg first and result in male boy. Ayurveda also suggests certain days to conceive for sex determination. Sex during ovulation has greater chances of male sex. For more information please fell free to call us.


The product and alternative therapies offered by Ganpati Enterprises Ltd (YOGI JI) are purely natural , herbal or homeopathic. All the herbs used for our products are sourced from all over the world and are classified as premium grade herbs. Our herbal product supplied by Ganpati Enterprises LTD are a combination or mixtures of products that are processesed in the best laborataries in India by reputed companies such as Ayur, Ayurveda, Hamdard, Baidyanath and many more. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any desease. They are herbal health boosters or supplements to be added to your daily life along with any of your regular treatment taken for any health conditions.

Most of these products combinations or mixtures supplied offered by Ganpati Enterprises Ltd are not evaluated by FDA \ CFDP\TPD

For any persisting or serious health problems or more specific questions concerning your health should be addressed to your health care practioner. If you feel any discomfort or allergy from any products or therapy offered by of Ganpati Enterprises Ltd please stop or discontinue and consult your family physician .

For More details Contact us @ yogiji@yogiji.ca


Yogi Ji can help you in your Immigration Problems.
To get your loved ones back, Sexual & Erectile problems,
Conception Problems or Baby Boy,
Get rid of Drug & Drinking problems.

Yogi Ji can also help you in your marital problems, Compatibility problem,
Loss in business, No success inspite of hard word, Financial & Employment matters,
Chronic diseases, Family disputes, Distress caused by children.
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