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Tarot Card Reading

The use of Tarot cards is one of the most popular methods of divination nowadays. Many people, both magickal and mundane, use tarot cards to seek information about the future and/or their own subconcious. Not only are there a wide variety of deck styles to choose from, there also are a number of tarot-like card-based divination systems out there.

Tarot is a tool enriched with spiritual traditions and mythology that offers guidance and clarity to our lives. Tarot reveals our options, solutions and shines light on all aspects of our lives bringing clarity to any situation.

Tarot helps us to break free from the restraints of our minds when we are feeling lost or unclear about our future and guides us into releasing obstacles freeing us to move forward and create the future we want.

Every living person has an energy pattern, this is comprised of our soul, body and mind. Tarot works by synchronising with this energy and thereby connecting directly with our past, present and future.

On a technical level, Tarot is a personal growth and divination system composed of 78 cards, divided in two into what is known as the Major and Minor Arcana. Tarot has its routes in Kabala, Astrology, Numerology and pagan traditions.

Tarot is brilliant for divination and magic and healing as it synthesises all these systems. Divination is the method you use to find out what can be done, and how to do it, while Magic is the technique used to ensure your desired outcome. In many respects Magic and Healing have similar aims - change and transformation for the better.

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