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Indian astrology is the oldest wisdom found even in Atharva Veda 3000 B.C. back. Indian astrology is based on the relative positions of stars or planets at the birth time. Mainly the nine planets are supposed to influence the life of a person. These are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupitor, Saturn and two shadow planets Rahu and Katu.

To predict life events of a Person the relative positions of these planets are determined and several charts and Dashas Are made and calculated. There were several Rishies who gave several systems to calculate & prepare these charts and Dashas. Prominent names among them are Parasher Rishi and Varahamihir and many others. It is quite difficult, even to study a system thoroughly.

Astrology is widely used all over the world. People use it in different forms according to region and culture of the area.

In Hindu Astrology, this system has been explained as space time connection. Within the space, there are four elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth each is therefore attributes, sattva , Raja and Tamasa and make up 12 divisions in the nature.

So the zodiac in which earth and all the planets are imprisoned by gravitation and revolve around the sun is divided by 12 clusters of stars or signs of the zodiac.

In Vedic astrology it is founded that nothing in the universe is stationery. In any case we consider ourselves in the central point with rest of universe in the constant motion around us. We, therefore, consider the position and movement of all the heavinely bodies in relation to earth itself. The Indian Astronomy and Astrology considers earth as the centre, and all other heavenly bodies moving around it in one manner or the other. The Indian astronomy is thus geocentric, and not heliocentric which latter considers sun as the centre.

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