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Weekly Horoscope

Arguments will not be in your favor. A pleasure trip will be refreshing after the hard work. Protect children against injury. Lucky no. 2. Lucky day Friday.
Employees will expect a promotion. Watch out for a minor mishap. It is better to be independent than to depend on others. Businessmen may get a good deal.
Be extra cautious in financial matters. Do not sign anything without reading. Love life faces a rough patch. An exciting time for children. Lucky color red.
A certain tax matter will be resolved. Work will follow a familiar routine. Your spouse may cause you concern. Avoid legal proceedings if possible. Lucky no. 5.
A news about a relative may cause worry. Official meetings will be successful. Socialize with people of your wave length. Adopt a serious attitude in financial matters.
A good financial advice comes from the member of an opposite sex. Prepare your self for some important changes. Love life suffers due to lack of time.
Children may cause some concern. Avoid hasty decisions which you may regret. Solve your problems peacefully and diplomatically. Stomach may cause problems.
New ideas for making money should be examined. You may decide to take course to improve your skills. Family will require your support. Lucky no. 4
Do not rely on outsiders. You might meet an interesting partner. Investments in shares will now improve. A luxurious trip or expenditure will be a dream come true.
Moderate gains are indicated. Do not invest in risky ventures. Do not yet sell your property. New friendships will bring happiness. Lucky no. 9.
Business matters will be a little slow. Sudden expenditures will create problems. Focus more on spiritual matters. Avoid gambling or heavy speculations.
You stand to gain through new contacts. If you are looking for a quick buck you will be rewarded. Family suffers due to a tight work schedule. Lucky no. 5.


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